No Tips for Taxis

I know this sounds bad, but that’s what happened on my taxi ride home from the airport after my trip to Panama. Thanks to my last post, I’d thought I would talk about Vancouver’s taxi scene.

The typical taxi experience involves hailing a taxi, going to a place, and paying the fare. Hailing one, especially on busy entertainment nights, can prove to be hard. Going to a place don’t usually have problems, other than that slow taxi I mentioned in a past post. Paying for one is the main reason I avoid taking a cab at all costs. (Though affordable by some)

In the business of taxis, the Passenger Transportation Board are the ones who regulate them (and limos, private buses, etc.). Fares wise, they are the reason they are high. They also make them uniform across Metro Vancouver, as the need to do that in a way shows what taxi companies will do if they set their own price.

While I can start discussing what this whole business is all about, I think this Taxiland article is way better at explaining how this works.

I mentioned that I have a good idea on how to improve this,  but it will takes lots of work. (And going past those existing companies who will do anything to stop change)

On a side note, the Passenger Transportation Board recently required Uber to have customers pay a minimum $75 for any trips, since their vehicles are limo and sedans (not taxis). Just hope the board would not have this happen; it was a great service to use, especially for this guy.

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